Safe and Sound


Safe & Sound

Safe and Sound: An Online Program for Science 4

Safe & Sound is a brand new program launching in October 2017 – a FREE online curriculum resource for Grade 4 teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our engaging Safe & Sound Grade 4 materials include video, audio, activity suggestions, online quizzes and resource materials and covers the following topics:

  • How We Hear (ear anatomy)
  • How We Measure Sound (decibels)
  • What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?
  • Noise & How Loud is Too Loud?
  • How Noise Causes Hearing Damage
  • What We Can Do to Protect Our Hearing


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Safe and Sound

For More Program Information or Additional Requests, Please Contact

Brittany Hiscock
Facilitator of Programs & Services
(709) 753-3224 ext: 227

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