March 24 – Cochlear Implant Chat & Share

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Cochlear Implant (CI) Resource Group
Chat and Share

Join us in person (or teleconference with online captioning access available upon request) for the November Cochlear Implant Chat & Share.
Captioning available at all meetings.

Friday, March 24, 2017
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Office
1081 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl

What Happens At A Cochlear Implant Chat & Share Meeting?

The Cochlear Implant group is a very welcoming and supportive group of people who have, or who are thinking about a cochlear implant.  Family members are also welcome to attend.

“We are not medical professionals, just people with cochlear implants or thinking about getting them, and we help each other based on our own personal experiences.  This group is a welcome opportunity to share our hearing successes and challenges with others who use CI technology to hear. It is also an opportunity to meet people who are considering having an implant.  Our meetings are very informal with captioning available. We have an amazing group of individuals who are very willing to support and encourage new people in their quest for better hearing. Family members and friends of CI candidates and those already implanted are welcome to attend. They often already  have lots of ideas  and suggestions about how to support their family member. They also often get a new perspective on hearing loss and how CI technology works, its possibilities and its limitations.” – Noreen, Group Leader

Read more about the Cochlear Implant Resource Group.

Plan To Attend On March 24?

Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 22 to Brittany at or 1-888-753-3224



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