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Ultimate Dream Home 2020

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It's here! The Ultimate Dream Home Lottery 2020. GRAND PRIZE: A Fully decorated Dream Home valued at over $720,995! Early Bird Prize and Ultimate 50/50 Extra also available!

Clear Mask, Clear Communication

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Local recreation worker Amy Parsons talks about the importance of others wearing a clear mask for communication and hearing accessibility during COVID-19.

Fall 2020 Webinar Opportunities

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This fall we will be offering lots of free online learning opportunities in place of our usual in-person group meetings or presentations. We are doing this in an effort to maintain physical distancing and the spread of Covid-19 to our participants and staff, but also to offer learning opportunities province-wide. Please find below is a…

The Effects of Hearing Loss on Mental Health

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Persons with hearing loss are more likely to experience mental health and emotional issues, due to the feeling of being disconnected from others. Some symptoms they may have include: Feelings of Frustration: Hearing loss can make speech and other sounds seem muffled, often leading to feelings of frustration. This is because a person may be…

Tips For Wearing A Mask With Your Cochlear Implant Or Hearing Aid

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Many businesses and medical offices are now requiring people to wear face masks when entering their facility to help prevent the spread of infection and the Covid-19 virus. When you also wear a cochlear implant or hearing aids it can be cumbersome or challenging to also wear a mask and not disturb your hearing device.…

Dora's Story: Overcoming Hearing Challenges In A Time Of Masks

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Dora’s Story: Overcoming Hearing Challenges in a Time of Masks     The current global pandemic has brought with it many changes to our everyday lives, from the way to socialize with family and friends, to how we go to the grocery store. Being in public now requires frequent use of hand sanitizer and wearing…

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