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CHHA- NL is excited to announce a BRAND NEW program for Hard of Hearing Youth in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This program will help hard of hearing youth in grades 10-12 achieve their goals, build confidence and prepare for the future.


The ARC Achievement Program is designed for hard of hearing youth in grades 10-12 to help them prepare for life after high school and help them gain valuable life skills toward their future success.

ARC stands for ADVOCACY, READINESS and ​CONNECTIONS which are CHHA-NL’s goals for this program.

ADVOCACY: Developing skills that allow Hard of Hearing Students to speak up for themselves and their hearing needs. It is an essential skill for success. Teaching hard of hearing youth how to advocate for themselves leads to greater self-confidence and empowers them to create positive change in their community.

READINESS: Preparing youth for the future and teaching them valuable skills, whether they chose to attend post-secondary or join the workforce after high school graduation. These skills include, employment skills, study skills, budgeting skills and money management, to name a few.

​CONNECTIONS: This program aims to bring together hard of hearing youth with hearing loss, allowing them to connect with each other and those who understand what it is like to live as a Hard of Hearing youth. This program will also help youth understand what resources and supports are available in their communities.

Through these core program goals, Hard of Hearing youth will be empowered to become strong, confident leaders of the future.


Program Incentives

The ARC Achievement program offers achievement incentives to hard of hearing youth who enroll. The biggest and most exciting incentive is that youth can earn a $500 financial award for each year that they complete of the program.

​Participants in the program must complete a specific number of activities to gain points towards levels in the program. Each year they participate and gain the required number of points in the program corresponds with a level – bronze, silver, and gold. Each of these levels has its own theme. Once a level is complete the participant will be presented with a certificate of completion which the youth can add to their resume and portfolio. Youth will also earn a $500 financial award that accumulates with each completed level of the program.

Financial awards will be presented in the form of a cheque when the participant graduates from high school. Youth who register for the program during their grade 10 year, and who complete all 3 levels of the program will be eligible to receive a $1500 financial award. Youth who register in grade 12 only  will have time to complete one level of the program before graduation and will be eligible to receive a $500 financial award.

The ARC Achievement program also has many other incentives to offer youth. There will be several FREE workshops and learning opportunities for youth to add to their resumes and skill sets. They also have choice of other activities they would like to do that fits with their future goals or areas they would like to work on. These elective activities will be fully funded or subsidized.


Program Structure

Throughout the ARC Achievement Program, youth will work through one level of the program each school year. Each of these levels have themes that guide their learning for the year.

BRONZE: the first level participants will complete focuses on self-advocacy, community resource awareness, knowledge of hearing loss, hearing assistive technology and accessibility. This level will also feature activities which focus on general life skills, such as budgeting, stress management, and coping with negative emotions.

SILVER: the activities featured in this level focus on employment skills, study skills, volunteering, community engagement, helping others, building confidence, and exploring career options.

GOLD: this final level focuses on post-secondary planning and preparedness, mentorship, leadership, building confidence, and fostering independence.

Throughout the program, youth will work on a particular number required activities depending on their level placement in the program. They will also elective activities that gives students the opportunity to choose what skills or topics they want to focus on. 

Meetings and Communication

The ARC achievement program will begin each year in October and continue through until May.

Meetings will take place online through video conferencing software that has automatic, text-based captions to ensure that the material is easily understood by all participants.  .

Meetings will occur at different times throughout the program year, and there is no weekly commitment. A schedule will be provided at the start of the program with meeting dates, times and topics. This will allow participants to select which topics are interesting to them, and which workshops they wish to attend. Participants can expect 4 workshop opportunities per year to choose from and approximately 2-3 meetings per month. There will be some months without meetings to allow for time to complete elective activities.

Not every ARC Achievement Program meeting will be mandatory, but participants will need to ensure they attend enough session to meet their requirements to complete their level in the program. 

To communicate with participants of the ARC Achievement Program, CHHA-NL will be using the online program Discord. Program facilitators have created a private messaging channel for participants to join, allowing them to easily access program information, requirements, and updates. This software will also allow participants to communicate outside of meeting times and will give them the chance to work together on projects related to the program. 


If  your child will be in grade 10, 11 or 12 in Fall 2021 you can now register early for the ARC achievement program.

Click the red button below to access our online registration form.



If you have any questions about this new youth program please contact Brittany or Ashley by

phone (1-888-753-3224) or email (


Other Programs for Children & Youth

CHHA-NL offers many other programs for Hard of Hearing children and youth in Newfoundland and Labrador. We offer a scholarship program, post-secondary preparation program (Hearing Quest) and information and resources for parents in our Families Resource Group.

If you would like to learn more about these programs , click HERE.

One of our most utilized programs available to all individuals with hearing loss, including youth, is our Technology Lending Program. This program allows you to borrow Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) so you can find a suitable product for you. Hearing Assistive Technology includes  devices such as Alarm Clock, Fire Alert Systems, telephones and much more.

If you would like to learn more about our Technology Lending Program click HERE.

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