Celebrating Volunteer Week 2015 (April 12th – 18th)

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The Canadian Hard of Hearing- Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (CHHA-NL) would like to show sincere appreciation to our volunteers who have given their time freely to make a difference in the lives of others.

Volunteer week 2015 (April 12th -18th) is a week-long celebration to honor volunteers in Newfoundland and Labrador. This year as part of the “many faces of volunteering”, we are highlighting three of our Resource Group Leaders: Brian Marshall, Susan Brown, and Noreen Brazil.

Brian Marshall
Meniere’s and Tinnitus Resource Group

Brian Marshall

Brian first learned about CHHA-NL in 1999 through an ad in the newspaper. He attended a support group for Meniere’s and Tinnitus and found it to be a relief to talk to others who understood his plight. He quickly became a regular group attendee.

He says, “I appreciated the help and comfort I had received from the meetings and realized other people would want/need the same. I had suggested some guest speakers in the past so I just carried on with that and became the chairman from there.”

Brian also travels with CHHA-NL staff speaking about his personal experiences with Meniere’s, Tinnitus and hearing loss. When asked how being involved with CHHA-NL made an impact on his life he says, “I realized, by going on the road to different communities throughout our province, the desperate need for information on all aspects of hearing loss issues. Meeting these people and seeing the load lifted off their shoulders, as I had, was very emotional for me as well as our audience. It motivated me to want to inform the next group with the latest information.”

Read more about the Meniere’s and Tinnitus Resource Group.

Susan Brown
Families Resource Group

Susan Brown pic

Susan has two children who were both born with severe to profound hearing loss. She came across the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association- Newfoundland and Labrador (CHHA-NL) while searching for a place where her children could socialize with other children who have hearing loss. She was also looking for information and a support group for people with cochlear implants. Susan has found this support with the CHHA-NL and compares it to “finding a family.”

Since becoming chairperson for the Families Resource Group, Susan helped initiate association activities that promote children becoming advocates and role models. She has also been a strong advocate for students who are hard of hearing by asking for appropriate services within the education system.

Read more about the Families Resource Group.

Noreen Brazil 
Cochlear Implant Resource Group

Noreen pic

When Noreen received her Cochlear Implant (CI) in 2004, she was happy with the results. She did however, have some concerns about safety issues because she was unable to wear her implant while sleeping. Her audiologist suggested that she contact CHHA-NL to inquire about alerting devices such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and alarm clocks for individuals who are hard of hearing. She found the staff to be “very knowledgeable and welcoming”.

Noreen helped develop a resource booklet of general information for potential CI clients. She also served on the CHHA-NL board of directors for six years, and is now chairperson of the Cochlear Implant Resource Group.

Noreen says, “I have personally benefited from the friendships made through the CI Resource Group. The regular attendees are very positive and supportive of each other. They (also) encourage and support new people by sharing their own personal stories”.

Read more about the Cochlear Implant Resource Group.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for your exceptional service and dedication to hard of hearing people
and their families in our Province!

Happy Volunteer Week!








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