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The Importance Of Clear Masks

Clear masks create clearer communication.

Have you been having a harder time communicating since masks became mandatory in public places? Has it been difficult to hear mask-muffled speech? Do you feel yourself speaking more loudly or asking people to repeat themselves more often? You’re not alone, but you’re also experiencing something those with hearing loss have been dealing with their whole lives. Struggling to communicate is a constant for people with hearing loss and face coverings – while important for public health – has amplified the difficulty.

Clear masks are an important part of accessibility and should be used by anyone interacting with the public, or with family, so that others can lipread and see facial expressions. 

Read Amy Parsons’ story of how clear masks have made a huge difference for her daily communication

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador encourages everyone to switch to a clear mask to improve hearing accessibility for all.


How To Purchase Your Clear Mask

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador currently has the HuMask in stock.



The HuMask is another style of window mask that can help improve communication. This mask is made in Canada and is a surgical style mask. It has a 100% hydrophobic and acid resistant barrier, is hypoallergenic, and has an adjustable nasal band and ear clip.
Click here for more details about the HuMask.

To purchase a HuMask, please Call: 1-888-753-3224 or Contact:

Another source to order the HuMask is from the CHHA National E-Store.















Below you will find information about other sources to purchase clear masks and a list of different styles and types of clear masks.


Clear Mask


Designed for limited use, this mask has an anti-fog, transparent plastic barrier. This mask is approved by Health Canada, click here for more information from Health Canada.

One source to order the ClearMask™ is Clear, Sight and Sound.


Handmade Clear Window Mask


Clear Masks For Hearing Accessibility


Another option for a clear window mask is to purchase locally made masks. A benefit of these style masks is they are generally re-useable as they are made out of cloth type material and can be easy washed. Some of these masks can fog up easily but we have found if you rub a small amount of dish liquid on the inside of the clear panel of the mask it prevents fogging for several hours.

Look for local sources in your community to purchase a handmade clear mask.

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