Molson Coors wins Hearing Conservation Award in Newfoundland & Labrador

- Community Award Profile | News Story

When the local Molson Coors brewery realized that retiring employees were experiencing hearing loss, they made significant changes to ensure better hearing for future employees.

The brewery started by fitting all production employees with personal hearing protection – earplugs to fit each employee’s ears. This hearing protection initiative was a win-win for employees, and for the company. Over time, personalized hearing protection has resulted in reduced costs (compared to disposable ear plugs) and the brewery has also reduced a significant amount of garbage with the elimination of disposable hearing protection.

Following a successful run with production employees, all employees at the brewery are now provided with custom fit ear plugs, and trained in the proper use of hearing protection. Thinking ahead for the future hearing of a young workforce, Molson Coors St. John’s brewery is setting a high standard for hearing conservation and better hearing in Newfoundland and Labrador. We are pleased to recognize Molson Coors St. John’s brewery with our first annual Hearing Conservation Award.

Our Annual Community Awards are presented to individuals, service groups, community agencies, businesses, or government (agencies or departments) that have voluntarily made a contribution to the hard of hearing community in the areas of Advocacy, Awareness, Accessibility, and Hearing Conservation.

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