Booking Appointments

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In an effort to make booking appointments and accessing our information and services more accessible and convenient for you, we are now using a NEW online system where you can book your own appointment with one of our qualified hearing loss support specialists.

You will have choice of selecting to book a phone, in-person or virtual appointment at a time that suits your schedule.

By booking an appointment, it guarantees you that a hearing loss support specialist is available with dedicated time for you. It also eliminates waiting time and issues missing calls or scheduling conflicts.

Even if you have a quick question, booking a phone appointment for example, will ensure your call will be answered right away so you don’t have to leave any messages and wait for your call to be returned.

Reasons to book an appointment:

  • Information about hearing aid funding
  • To borrow or buy hearing assistive technology
  • Information about hearing testing
  • Information about Meniere’s disease and/or tinnitus
  • Information about cochlear implants
  • General hearing loss related questions

To book your appointment: 

Click the red button that says “Book your appointment here

Or click HERE to go to the appointment booking page.


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