A horizontal collage image. This image has a navy blue background and features four images. From left to right, the first image is of a man with fading hair, glasses, a beige hearing aid, and is participating on a video call with a woman with long dark hair and glasses who is wearing a CHHA-NL shirt. The second image is of a young child with blonde hair, a bright orange shirt, dark glasses and hearing aids. The third image is of two men in a beige audiology booth, one man is wearing a doctor's jacket and is looking at a computer screen while the other man sits across the table from him wearing large white headphones. The final image is of a woman with short blonde hair, glasses and a blue sweater who is talking to a woman with long dark hair and glasses who is wearing a CHHA-NL shirt. At the bottom of this collage there is a caption that states "Programs at the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - NL."

Program Listing

Click the links below to learn more about our programs.



  • Resource Groups – Meet others and get information for Families, Children, Youth, Young Adults Cochlear Implants, or Meniere’s and Tinnitus.


  • Hearing Accessibility – Learn how to make public spaces accessible for hearing loss and funding opportunities available for accessibility.



  • Adult Programs – Learn what CHHA-NL has to offer for adults with hearing loss.


Contact us with any questions about your hearing.


(709) 753-3224 ext: 228
Toll free 1-888-753-3224 ext: 228

By video chat:
We can meet through a video chat for information and support.  Please connect with Andrea to learn more about this option.

By text:
If you would like to send a question by text message you can reach a staff member by
texting 1-709-725-3224.  Please note: this number is not intended for voice calls.

By Facebook Messenger:

Click Here to connect with CHHA-NL programs & services staff via Facebook Messenger

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