Understanding Hearing Loss (unavailable until January 2022)

Interested in learning more about hearing and hearing loss?
Interactive presentations are available to employers, community organizations, school groups, post-secondary classes and more.
Topics can include:
Understanding hearing loss
Communication Tips
Technology for those with hearing loss
Community Resources
Noise Awareness

and more
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Workplace Hearing Conservation Training

(unavailable until January 2022)

Man wearing safety earmuffs and helmet

Training and presentations are available to employers, professional organizations, community groups,  post-secondary classes and more.

Our trainers are Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists (COHC).

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We offer a variety of resource materials for schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Kindergarten and Early Childhood Educators

Learn more about good hearing health, noise awareness and hearing loss prevention with the Daisy’s Ears story book.



Grade 4 Teachers

We provide a wide variety of online resources to supplement the Newfoundland and Labrador Grade 4 curriculum unit on Sound.

Topics Include:

  • How We Hear (ear anatomy)
  • How We Measure Sound (decibels)
  • What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?
  • Noise & How Loud is Too Loud?
  • How Noise Causes Hearing Damage
  • What We Can Do to Protect Our Hearing

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