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What is speech (lip) reading?

Speech (lip) reading is a skill that can improve overall communication and daily life. Classes help adults with hearing loss (as well as family members, friends, professionals, and interested members of the community) develop communication skills to build confidence at home, at work, or during leisure time.

Lipreading is a key part of learning to speechread. Lipreading involves watching the movements of the lips, jaw, and tongue to discern what sounds and words are being shaped and spoken. Since only about 40% of speech is visible on the lips, it is helpful to watch and identify other cues during communication as well. 

Speechreading involves watching mouth movements, but also relies on facial expression, eye expression, body language, the context in which the person is speaking, and whatever sounds one hears.  All possible cues are utilized to assist in speechreading, including sight, amplified sound, and educated guessing. Speechreaders are alert and pick up on everything. You can train yourself to do this, start learning to lipread today!

How can I take a course?

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association — Newfoundland and Labrador offers lipreading and speechreading courses both online and in-person.


What are online classes like?

  • Self-paced (practice on your own schedule and watch videos as much as needed)
  • Available wherever there is high-speed internet
  • Available on smartphone, tablet, and computer
  • Captioning for hearing accessibility 
  • Perfect for beginners, or those looking to practice their skills. 
  • Interactive lessons (practice by answering questions)

For more information and to access your FREE PREVIEW of the Read Our Lips course, click HERE.



What are in-person classes like?

  • ​​Fun, informal classes taught by a trained speechreading Instructor
  • Class size is limited to 12 people
  • Taught in a fully hearing accessible building
  • Class participants represent a wide variety of ages
  • Family members are welcomed and encouraged to register and attend

In-person classes take place for 8 weeks – 1 class per week (2 hours). Classes are hosted at the CHHA-NL Provincial Office (1081 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl). Classes are offered in the Spring and the Fall each year.  

“I would recommend the speechreading Level 1 class to anyone who has a hearing loss.  It is a great foundation on which to build.”

Hear From Our Class Participants

Check out these short videos that highlight previous class participants’ experiences. Hear why a speech/lipreading class is right for you!

Hear Why It’s Right For You #1

“It’s really good to be around a group of people who are going through the same experience and to hear other people’s stories and to know you’re not alone.”

Rhonda decided to learn to lipread because she felt lost with her hearing aid. Speechreading classes gave her a way to connect with others that are experiencing the same challenges.

Hear Why It’s Right For You #2

Agnes sometimes finds it difficult to hear people when there is background noise. She feels that learning to lipread will positively impact impact her ability to communicate and do her job.

Hear Why It’s Right For You #3

“You know it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can all learn.”

Sarah enjoyed the Speechreading Level 1 course and is looking forward to the next level. She found the course to be one of the nicest experiences she’s ever had because the nice people she met and the interesting course material made it enjoyable to learn. 

Hear Why It’s Right For You #4

Robert has been experiencing hearing loss for several years but lately his hearing has been deteriorating more quickly. He decided to join the class as a strategy to deal with his hearing challenges. 

Who can benefit from speech (lip) reading?

Almost anyone can benefit from learning to lip read, but here are a few specific groups:

  • Those with existing hearing loss (diagnosed or undiagnosed)
  • Anyone with a genetic or hereditary link to hearing loss
  • Those ages 50 and up
  • Those who are at increased risk of noise-induced hearing loss (anyone who works, or who has worked in a noisy environment or who participates in loud recreational activities)

Speechreading can help those with hearing loss understand communication better by helping identify high frequency sounds (s, sh, f, th, p, k, t, etc.) and some consonants (d, z, q, b, etc.) that are often difficult to hear even with hearing aids, cochlear implants and other hearing technology.


Sign language is another communication tool used by people with hearing loss (typically by people who identify as Deaf) and have family or friends in their life that also know sign language to communicate with them. The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association- NL does not offer sign language classes as our mandate is to serve those with hearing loss who are oral communicators which is why we teach speechreading classes instead of sign language. If you are interested in Sign Language, the Newfoundland Association of the Deaf is an excellent resource.

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