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  • Allows you to test different devices, to be sure of their benefits, before purchasing one from a retail outlet.
  • This service is complimentary, and allows you to try a device, short term at no charge. 
  • Most items can be used either with, or without hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other hearing technology.

How to Borrow a Device

  • Click the “Book your Appointment Here” button below to book an appointment with one of our hearing loss support specialists who can help you determine which devices to try and loan it out to you.

  • OR you can Call 709-753-3224, Text 709-725-3224, or email:
  • To borrow a device all you need to do is share your full contact information with us and sign out lending agreement which says that you agree to return the device on time and in the same condition as it was loaned.
  • The lending period varies depending on the demand of devices, our inventory and if you are outside the St. John’s area. Loan are typically 1 to 2 weeks.


Learn more about some of the popular devices in the CHHA-NL technology lending program from this recent segment on the NTV News


One of the most popular devices we loan and sell is the Pocket Talker. Watch this informative video below on how the pocket talker can help you hear better. If you would like to loan or purchase the pocket talker please contact us.


Alerting devices are another popular category of devices we have in our lending program. This video will demonstrate a Fire Alert device we have in our lending program and also that we fund in our Alert and Aware Program.


We also loan technology to help in the workplace. Learn more about how Kelsey used the technology lending program to find the right hearing assistive technology for work.


When you visit the CHHA-NL Provincial Office for an in-person appointment you can view a wide variety of hearing assistive technology and library resources. Watch the short virtual tour below.


  • Each device is available for loan for a short period of time. 
  • A loan form must be completed including the recipient’s name/ address/ phone number, the items to be borrowed, and the start and return date of the loan
  • A responsibility and damage waiver statement must be signed and witnessed
  • Please bring, or provide, a copy of photo ID (such as a valid driver’s license)
  • All items include product instruction manuals and information about the device

A CHHA-NL staff member will ensure the device is working properly and will demonstrate and instruct the recipient on how to use it safely.

If you would like to purchase hearing technology, visit our Buy Hearing Technology page for prices and inventory.

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