Hearing Loss Challenge



On Friday, December 2, 2016 take the HEARING LOSS CHALLENGE to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3).

What is the Hearing Loss Challenge?

The Hearing Loss Challenge idea is simple:

For 1 hour on Friday, December 2 (or longer, if you choose), find out what daily life can be like for those with hearing loss by lowering the volume and clarity of the sounds you hear.

Wear earplugs for 1 hour (or more) as you go about your regular daily routine – at home, at work and with friends. Watch TV, listen to the radio, talk on the phone, have your coffee break, interact with your children, grandchildren, siblings, spouse or partner. Go to a store, the drive-thru, attend a meeting.

Many of us know and interact with someone with a hearing loss on a daily basis – a family member, friend, or co-worker.  In fact, hearing loss is much more common than you may realize.

20% of adults have a least mild hearing loss and it is more prevalent in older age groups, with 47% of adults aged 60 to 79 experiencing hearing challenges.(Statistics Canada

Wearing earplugs doesn’t perfectly show what hearing loss is like, but the experience will open your eyes to the communication challenges happening everyday in your family, workplace and community.

How Can I Join The Hearing Loss Challenge?

Step 1: SIGN UP
It’s easy. Join hundreds of people throughout Newfoundland and Labrador (it’s free).  You will receive e-mail reminders and helpful tips leading up to the hearing loss challenge.

The Hearing Loss Challenge 2016 has ended. 


Mark your calendar – Friday, December 2, 2016


Need earplugs for your hearing loss challenge?

  • You can find noise-reduction earplugs at a variety of local retail outlets. We recommend looking for an option with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of at least 27 dB.
  • Or, wear a pair of earmuffs designed for hearing protection during the challenge.
  • Drop by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Office (1081 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl) during regular business hours (9:00 am-4:30 pm) to pick up a free pair of earplugs at the front desk.

The Hearing Loss Challenge - Kits for Workplace Teams Taking the Challenge


Spread the word. Challenge your friends, family and co-workers to take the hearing loss challenge along with you.

How can you share?

  • Use the share links at the bottom of the page to share on Facebook, by e-mail and more, or share the Hearing Loss Challenge video below.
  • Take a photo or video of yourself during the Hearing Loss Challenge (don’t forget to tag your posts with #BetterHearingNL)



Think You Understand What It’s Like to Live With Hearing Loss?

There are varying degrees of hearing loss, ranging between mild, moderate, severe or profound. Due to the fact that hearing loss is complex, each person copes and adjusts differently to his or her own hearing challenges. Hearing loss can be difficult to understand for those who do not experience it.  A hearing loss is not just a loss of volume, but also a loss of clarity, or the ability to understand what one hears. Certain voices may be easier to understand than others, and individuals may hear well in one environment, but not in another, particularly if there is background noise, distance from the sound source, or if the speaker’s face is not clearly visible (such as during telephone conversation).

“Hearing loss is the fastest growing, and one of the most prevalent, chronic conditions facing Canadians today”. (Hearing Foundation of Canada) yet it is often unrecognized and misunderstood by society. Hearing loss is an invisible disability.


Disclaimer: “The Hearing Loss Challenge (HLC) is a voluntary activity to raise awareness of hearing loss. Participants are advised to carefully consider any health issues, environmental or location concerns, or unforeseen hazards that might adversely impact the ability to undertake the HLC safely. 

 Participants in the HLC do so at their own risk. The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador is not responsible for any loss, injury liability, cost, damages or other claims arising from or in relation to the HLC”. 


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