Winter 2021 Webinar Schedule and Recordings

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This winter we will be offering free online learning opportunities in place of our usual in-person group meetings or presentations. We are doing this in an effort to maintain physical distancing and the spread of Covid-19 to our participants and staff, but also to offer learning opportunities province-wide.

Below you will find a listing of upcoming webinars and links to register. You must register to receive connection information to join the webinar. If you are unable to join the live webinar, a recording will be emailed to you after the live event if you have registered. If you missed registering for one of our webinars, instructions to access the recording will be provided on this page.

If you have issues with registration or the webinars contact Brittany at


Upcoming Webinars for Winter 2021


February 11 Hearing Aids and Connectivity For Parents 12 PM

This webinar will be presented by educational Audiologist, Bernadine Kielley, who works with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. The most common questions we hear from parents are about how their child’s hearing aids can connect to other devices, such tablets, computers or televisions. Bernadine will break down how hearing aids can connect to other devices so parents can help their children use devices to hear better so they feel more included with their peers. There will also be an opportunity to ask Bernadine questions.


For other information on programs and services for children and youth click here.



February 18 My Experience Treating Tinnitus 2 PM

Born in Burin, Newfoundland, Grant has lived most of his life in the St. John’s area. As a retired music educator, Grant continues his involvement with young people as the artistic director of the Calos Youth Orchestras as well as a sessional instructor with the Memorial University School of Music.

Grant is a member of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and sits on the board for the Rotary Music Festival and the Canadian Federation of Musicians, Local 820.

Grant’s journey with tinnitus began four years ago.  Since being diagnosed, Grant has performed personal research into the causes of tinnitus and has undergone traditional and cutting-edge treatments. While the journey continues, Grant finds himself in a much better place, physically and emotionally these days.

In this session, Grant will outline his personal experiences with tinnitus and discuss the various treatments he availed to assist in his management of the condition.

Grant has also shared his story with us during an interview, if you would like to read that click here.

For other information on Tinnitus click here, or see links below to previously recorded webinars.


February 25 Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants 2 PM

In this webinar, Kimmi Drefield, cochlear implant specialist from Advanced Bionics will present on the features and benefits of the new Marvel CI from AB + Phonak.  Marvel technology provides powerful hearing performance, effortless comfort and convenience AND ultimate ease of use!! She will also cover the importance of rehab and share rehab tools.

For more information on programs and services for cochlear implant users click here.


Do you hearing loss and are planning to attend post-secondary in Newfoundland and Labrador within the next two years? Are you a parent/guardian or teacher of someone with hearing loss who is thinking about post-secondary? Hearing Quest: Tools For Post-Secondary Success is a FREE captioned webinar that will provide you with everything you need to know! For more info, click here or click the register button!

Previously Recorded Webinars

We have many previously recorded webinars on various topics related to hearing loss, for children, adults, seniors and professionals. Click below to see access all of our webinars.

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