World Hearing Day 2021: TAKE THE CHALLENGE

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Wednesday, March 3rd 2021

Hearing Care for All


World Hearing Day was started by the World Health Organization to mark the annual release of the World Report on Hearing and bring focus to the need to address hearing loss around the world. The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador has participated in this special day for the past three years. This year the theme is Hearing Care for All spotlighting the need to screen for hearing loss, treat hearing loss and improve communication. For World Hearing Day, this web page focuses on resources that support the theme of World Hearing Day and making the most of your hearing. We urge you to take up the World Hearing Day Challenge and explore the variety of information materials on this page and think about your hearing and what you can do to improve your hearing and your life.


SCREEN: Have Your Hearing Screened or Tested

The Canadian Health Measures Survey reported that approximately 20% of the Canadian Population have hearing loss and two thirds or 70% of people who have hearing loss have no idea they have it. This is why it is important to get your hearing tested or screened every few years. After all, you cannot address something you are not aware you have!

Book a Hearing Screening at the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – NL by clicking the button below. If COVID-19 restrictions do not permit CHHA-NL to provide screenings at the time you wish to book a screening, your name will be added to a waiting list and you will be called as soon as screenings are available.



To find out where you can get a full hearing evaluation in Newfoundland and Labrador, click on the box below.



REHABILITATE: Treat Your Hearing Loss



Research shows that treating reduced hearing is more important than ever for improving your overall health and future independence. Hearing loss can affect our physical and mental health. Untreated hearing loss also increases your risk of dementia and decreased ability to think. These are all great reasons to treat your hearing.

For information on hearing loss and aging as well as the effects of untreated hearing loss and memory, please watch the webinar  “Hearing Loss and Aging” by clicking on the photo below.




There are many types of treatment for hearing loss including implantable devices. The most common type of treatment is hearing aids. To learn more about hearing aids and their importance in improving the lives of people with hearing loss, please watch the webinar “Hearing Aids: Moving Off the Fence” by clicking on the photo below.



Complementary Resource Booklet

To find out more about having your hearing assessed and treated, please click the image below to open a PDF copy of the “Making The Most of Your Hearing” booklet.


COMMUNICATE: Improve Conversation



After you have treated your hearing it is important to understand that you will not hear quite as well as you did before you experienced a reduction in your hearing. While treatment will improve what you hear and understand, it will not fix your hearing. Fortunately there are techniques you can use to improve communication in addition to hearing aids, cochlear implants and other treatments for hearing loss.  To find out some of the ways you may improve communication, watch the webinar “5 steps to Maximizing Communication When Living With Hearing Loss” by clicking on the photo below.



There are lots of ways you can improve conversation when you have hearing loss. Click on the link below for communication tips.




So, for World Hearing Day take up the challenge! Think about your hearing and how important it is to your life and the relationships in your life. If you are not doing all you should, take charge and remember the formula for optimizing your hearing:





Reach out to the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador for more information and support.

Phone: 1-888-753-3224     Email:     Text: 709-725-3224     Messenger: BetterHearingNL


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